Rosslyn Boathouse

Exit Manhattan. Enter Adirondacks. Renovate a home. Grow a garden. Live happily ever after. Or not…

Rosslyn Redux is the story of a house that seduced my wife and me. In August 2006 we purchased Rosslyn, a circa 1822 historic home and boathouse on Lake Champlain. We assembled over a hundred carpenters, tradesmen and artisans; appointed ourselves general contractor; and set out to fuse historic rehab with green design. Four years later we finally finished. We’d blown our original timeline and budget by 400%.

Rosslyn Redux is a vicarious plunge into the idiosyncrasies (and absurdities) of renovation, marriage and North Country life.

  1. […] story with the dock house?” Hmmm… The story? Well, that’s what I’m writing: Rosslyn Redux. Coming soon to a digital download near you. Turns out he was referring to the roof. “People […]

  2. […] most photographs of Lake Champlain flooding in general and of Rosslyn‘s flooded waterfront in particular emphasize the dire and depressing, a spectacular […]

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